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Lace Detail 1.jpg

Site: River Valley

Various mediums are used to reveal the tensions involved in deconstructing the cliche, “having it all”. 


What does it mean to “have it all”? Do you feel pressure to think about that concept, is it important to you? How do you define what “all” means for yourself? Once that is sorted, how do you go about doing it “all”? How do you determine if you are “doing it all” well? Does it matter? 

The scale and complexity of early 17th-century lace collars flaunted one's wealth and regal status. The dramatic and meticulously handcrafted pieces created a large, decorative frame around the face and neck (or low neckline), emphasizing the identity and status of the wearer.  In present contexts, these beautiful objects provide an opportunity to study the evolution of visual representations of identity. This sculptural interpretation of a lace collar emulates high status but examine the lace patterning closely. There are motifs of picket fences, chromosomes, and droplets of blood/tears/sweat each laser cut into drawing paper. The largest motif is an exaggerated and inverted fence that positions the picket points perilously at the neck of the wearer. 

For me, parts of the answers to the aforementioned questions include sacrifice. But it is unclear how and what kinds, and it may not matter as the collar is unraveled and used as a drawing canvas by my 1 and 2-year-old children. 

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